10 Free Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, there are plenty of free data recovery programs for both Mac and Windows PC. See, such tools are one of the most crucial utilities that serve a very significant role in many individuals today. This is the reason why many are looking for reliable data recovery software.

But don’t worry because we did the hard-work of researching so you can easily acquire the best one for your needs. Without further ado, let’s examine the 10 free data recovery software.

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This one has the best text-based user interface utilizing data carving methods; it is engineered to recover lost files from different CD-ROM, hard disk, and digital camera memory. Moreover, it can also enhance the data with more than 480 file sizes. It can also add a custom file signature in order to recognize lesser known files.


  • Recovers data files
  • Multi-platform applications
  • Wide variety

ADRC Data Recovery Tools

This one includes a collection of DIY data recovery utilities that brings a vast variety of file systems and drives. It also provides a clean and simple UI. Meaning it is perfect for beginners out there. Furthermore, this recovery tool enables you to backup, edit and restores your boot parameters, cop data from hard disk with not good sectors, restore a backup image, and create disk image back up.


  • Boot builder
  • Copy files
  • Undelete files

Stellar Data Recovery

It is essentially available for both Mac and Windows. It can easily recover data from your devices. It was initially named Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

Stellar Data Recovery is utilized to recover lost photos, video, files, and many more from the storage devices such as external or internal hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, as well as SD memory cards, and so on. Furthermore, it supports exFAT, fAT, and NTFS file systems.


  • Retrieve multiple files
  • 100% reliable and safe to use
  • Recover your lost or deleted data easily

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This one is one of the best free data recovery software perfect for many Windows PC out there. It gives a lot of utilities that can easily recover lost and eliminated files or data from hard drives, and different types of disk.


  • Hard drive recovery
  • Compression
  • Secure data storage

Glary Undelete

This particular software is a user-friendly one that comes with a powerful file recovery solution for both FAT and NTFS file systems. It can easily bring back deleted files from Recycle Bin, in DOS windows of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.


  • Work on removable media
  • Support wide format
  • Support all primary hard drives

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery works on CDs/DVDs, memory cards, pen drives, hard disks, and other storage mediums. It gives a simple UI with an upgraded system, and it also has a quick scan that lists eliminated files in just a matter of click.


  • Disk Utilities
  • Advanced search
  • User-friendly

Wise Data Recovery

This software is perfect for mac users to resolve their data loss issues. Wise Data Recovery collects data from MP3 player, mobile phone, digital camera, memory card, USB drive, and other storage mediums. It aids to recover data from NTFS, exFAT,and FAT disk.


  • Los partition recovery
  • Multiple scans option
  • Gives a search option to locate a specific file

PC Inspector File Recovery

This one supports the FAT and NTFS file systems. It’s software that finds barriers automatically even if the boot sector has been damaged or deleted. It recovers files with their original date stamp and terms. It also supports the saving of recovered files on network drives.


  • Find partition automatically
  • Recovers all data with their original date stamp and time
  • IT supports all the saving of recovered files on network drives


This particular software is a prominent free data recovery program for Windows, which is engineered by Piriform. It can regain files that are eliminated from portable media players, memory cards, USB flash drives, hard disk drives, or all random-access storage mediums with supported file system.


  • Deep scanning
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Quick-start wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This particular software is one of the most reliable and unrivaled data recovery software that has helped partition recovery, raw recovery, format recovery, HDD/SDD reconstruction and many more. It is innovative software and can effortlessly back all complex, formatted, and deleted raw files on Windows.


  • Easy files recovery
  • Formatted recovery
  • Recycle bin empty data recovery

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most outstanding free data recovery tools out there. They are perfect for beginners out there because they have user-friendly interfaces. With all of these choices, you can easily do what you want like recovering your lost files or documents.

What about you? Have you used any kind of free data recovery software in the past? Do you think it’s better than the ones we recommended? If so, please tell us your feedback about them so we can feature them in our site as well. Thanks!

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