5 Alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine Backup Application

For every Mac out there, there’s already integrated Time Machine backup software. This inbuilt software is always ready to run and is always an amazing choice for backing up your device to an external hard drive.

However, there are also a number of other options in the market today. And some of them come with features that even Time Machine can’t rival with.

So, with that said, here are the five alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine backup application for creating local backups.

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The maker of this software is famous for their cloud backup software. But users can also utilize the free version of their programs in order to backup files to any computer linked to the Internet or any external drive. Thus, if you’re looking to make some backups on a network drive or local hard drive, then you can do that without spending your hard-earned money.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to make bootable clones with this software. That’s why it is actually best fitted as a remote backup solution. Of course, it doesn’t really mean that it is not beneficial for local drives.

The customization and scheduling features are not as innovative as some other backup options out there but we all know that a free app has some advantages of its own especially on the price factor.

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro stands out for its well-organized and amazing interface. It comes with various backup sets listed in the left sidebar. All you have to do is pick the set that you want to back up or edit, and everything that you need will be displayed in the main panel. Regardless if you are making smaller backup of documents or photos, or a completely bootable clone you can do it all in just few clicks.

It comes with templates for certain sets of data so this software is ready to back up all your Documents, Mail, Photos, and iTunes folders immediately. You can also schedule any of your backup sets, and you can pick between four different approaches of encryption if you want to ensure that they stay secure. Now, if you want to get all of your data back, then you don’t really need to install its premium version.

It comes with an inexpensive version in order to ensure that your Mac is safely backed up.

Data Backup 3

Data Backup 3 is another great solution with completely bootable cloning capabilities. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it comes with presets for backing up your iPhoto and iTunes libraries. Moreover, users can make their own backup presets by dragging and dropping the files that they want in certain set.

Similar to prominent names in the backup application industry, you will also get scheduling as well as versioning, password-protected or compressed backups. Furthermore, you’ll get the ability to preclude particular files from being backed up. However, keep in mind that it is quite tough to find a backup program that is more perfect to quick setup on your Mac device.

Data Backup 3 comes with a free version. But then again, if you want to get the full benefits, then investing in its full version is worthy.

Super Duper

Super Duper is another piece of backup application that makes a complete bootable clone of your hard drive. This mazing software gives cool functionality which includes eject-after-copy, backup-on-connect, scheduling, smart updates, scripting, and other abilities that will make your life much easier.

Super Duper doesn’t give many features compared to Carbon Copy Cloner software; nonetheless the Super Duper has been around for a long time now. In fact, it won many awards now especially because it is easy to use, it’s fast, and it works great.

One of the best benefits of Super Duper is that users don’t need to learn a whole lot of backups just to get the software operating. You’ll find no ton of options out there. In fact, it is quite easy to set it up.

Super Duper’s basic version is of course free. However, if you want to access more awesome features such as scripting, smart updates, and sandboxing, then upgrading to the full version is needed.

Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC)

Carbon Copy Cloner is one of the most densely-packed backup applications out there and provides you with everything that you need for backing up your device. By backing up a bootable clone of your hard drive, the Carbon Copy Cloner software lets you to restore your hard drive after a failure and run it with no hidden installs or downloads required.

Moreover, you’ll also get Carbon Copy Cloner’s SafetyNet feature that keeps copies of recently-eliminated and configured files, just in case you accidentally a file or app that is actually really crucial for you.

Carbon Copy Cloner software is one of the most comprehensive backup solutions today because it features highly-customizable backups, easy-to-use user-interface, and configurable tasks and schedules.


Final Thoughts

With all great backup application alternatives we shared, you now have several approaches you can back up your Mac at a number of price ranges. For the most part, there are no excuses for not having backed up your local drive, particularly with some inexpensive and free software out there.

While having more than two backups might sound unnecessary, but remember how crucial your files are. Having more than two or three backups are better than losing your important files.

How about you? Do you know any backup application that we weren’t able to mention above? If so, kindly share them in the comment section below. Thank you!

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