Do Diesel Engines Have Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs

One of the most crucial components of a gasoline-driven engine is the spark plug. They are the spark that gives your vehicle energy. You may be wondering how many spark plugs your engine has if you own a diesel driven truck.

Diesel cars and trucks don’t have any spark plugs installed. Unlike gasoline-powered motors, diesel motors need no fuel-igniting plug. These engines are instead compressed such that the air temperature in the combustion chamber is raised to the degree where the fuel diesels are combusted.

Instead of spark-plugs, diesel engines are using glow plugs to generate combustion, and the engine has a single glitter plug. For instance, a diesel engine with six cylinders would require six glow plugs.

To get a little bit more insight into how glow plugs vary from spark plugs and how they function, let’s dive into it!

How Many Spark Plugs Does a Diesel Truck Have?

Diesel motor cars and trucks have no spark plugs. This is because gasoline ignites differently than diesel fuel. The more combustible of both is gasoline. It takes little to fire, and thus gasoline engines need spark plugs.

The spark connector provides an electric arc. The combustion chamber of the engine is to ignite the fuel. The pistons will then move, and so on.

You cannot ignite diesel fuel that easily. If you throw a spark into a diesel fuel puddle, the flame will die immediately. In other words, a tiny spark from a spark plug is not sufficient to ignite it. However, if you spray diesel out of a spray bottle, an open flame causes it to ignite and build a fireball. It is basically what takes place in a diesel engine.

What are Spark Plugs?

AA spark plug is a gasoline-powered engine component. For each cylinder, most engines feature a single spark plug. Therefore when you have an 8-cylinder automobile, your engine has eight spark plugs in it.

The motor is built to fire each spark plug in a certain order that gives your motor an electric spark. The spark ignites the mixture of gasoline and air, resulting in a bit of spark within the motor valve.

The explosion drives your motor piston down, creating energy and pushes your truck forward.

Diesel trucks produce energy differently than gasoline trucks. They usually don’t need a spark. They rely instead on the plug’s heat.

What are Glow Plugs?

A glow plug is a heating device found in an engine. It ignites the fuel-air combination in the truck’s pistons like a spark plug.

On the top of each cylinder of your engine is one glow plug placed.

Starting A Diesel Engine

Air flows from the intake and is pressured in order to start a diesel engine. The piston goes up and creates pressure. The pressure causes the diesel fuel to combine and evaporate with the air.

Ultimately the combination ignites under pressure and heat.

With the help of a plug, the diesel engine may burn under warmer weather conditions. Colder periods make combustion problematic for the diesel/air combination. Heat must be present to help ignition. The heat is produced by the glow plugs.

A glow plug will rapidly start your automobile and keep the engine temperature up to the highest level of efficiency.

How Glow Plugs Operate

Glow plugs work in three stages. The glow connector heats up the engine fast, retains heat and fires up the engine after starting.

  • Pre-Heating facilitates the start of the engine and helps to rapidly start the car.
  • Temperature Maintenanceprovides optimum conditions for combustion.
  • Post-Heatingkeeps engine heat throughout the process of combustion.

The three-phase system always guarantees that your truck has adequate warmth to ignite the fuel mix in your motor and provide power for your truck.

Do Diesel Trucks Need Spark Plugs?

No, engines run differently for diesel and gasoline. Diesel motors do not use conventional spark plugs. According this site, a heating device called a glow plug is used in a diesel instead.

Although the appearance and size are similar, a spark plug is very different from a glow plug. The diesel fuel requires heat and pressure, rather than a spark. The heat comes with a glow plug.

Can a Diesel Truck Run Without a Glow Plug?

A glass plug is used to heat diesel fuel, as previously stated. This might make it easier to start the engine. The fuel will flow freely if it’s already warm outside. The overheated air inside the combustion chamber can therefore be readily inflamed.

Even if all the glow plugs in the truck are defective, older trucks might still start. But the weather must be pleasant and warm. Will a diesel engine continue to start without a glow plug in winter conditions? Yeah, but a few spins are needed to spin it around and operate correctly.

How Do Diesel Engines Work With No Spark Plugs?

Compared to a truck’s gas engine, the combustion cycle of a diesel engine is very different. Air and fuel are pumped into the chamber of a gasoline engine. A spark from the spark plug then ignites the fuel-air combination. The air is brought into the chamber by a diesel engine. The piston compresses it.

The temperature will rise with compressed air. The fuel injector sprays diesel fuel into the overheated air when this reaches a specific volume. The mixture will burn up, and the piston will move up and out of the chamber, etc.

What are those items that look like them if the diesel has no spark plugs? One reason you could inquire about diesel and spark plugs is that during the clean-up of your engine bay, you’ve found something suspiciously similar. It’s not a spark plug. It’s a glow plug, in fact.

A spark plug is a gasoline-powered engine component. For each cylinder, most engines feature a single spark plug. Therefore when you have an 8-cylinder automobile, your engine has eight spark plugs in it.

The motor is built to fire each spark plug in a certain order that gives your motor an electric spark. The spark ignites the mixture of gasoline and air, resulting in a bit of spark within the motor valve.

The explosion drives your motor piston down, creating energy and pushes your truck forward.

Diesel trucks produce energy differently than gasoline trucks. They usually don’t need a spark. They rely instead on the plug’s heat.

Types of Glow Plugs

There are a number of variables to choose the correct glow plugs for your truck. Plugs are classified into hot, medium and cold. When acquiring new plugs, you will need to analyze the nitro percentage, kind, engine size, and speed.

  • The cooler glow plug is the High nitro-percentage while the Low percentage ones use the hotter glow plug.
  • Special glow plugs dependent on the engine and manufacturer may require Turbo engines.
  • Small motors generally require the hot glows, whereas bigger motors such as trucks may use cooler plugs.
  • Hot glow plugs are best used to speed up or increase leniency.
  • More power and torque may be produced from cold plugs.

Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs (PSG)

These plugs have a built-in pressure sensor that improves your engine’s performance. The sensor transmits pressure to the engine control unit in the cylinder.

PSG plugs can make it simpler to start your truck in the cold and enhance fuel efficiency. They also help reduce your vehicle’s emissions.

Steel Glow Plugs

Steel plug is also efficient and reliable. A glow plug will have no trouble starting your truck in really cold circumstances, but it may take longer to get started.

Ceramic Glow Plugs

Glows plugs that are made from ceramic heat up fast. They can attain temperatures significantly greater than their predecessors.

Since they heat up fast, under the coldest weather conditions you can start your truck immediately. Diesel fuel is used during use of ceramic plugs under ideal circumstances. For most cars, CPG plugs have the highest efficiency.

Do Glow Plugs Continuously Work Like Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are an important component of the gasoline engine internal combustion process. It is because they are the one who ignite the fuel. On the other hand, Glow plugs are not working like this.

This causes the car to generate a great deal of black smoke. This causes a mishap. It’s also difficult to start the engine if it freezes outside and the glow plug faults.

5 Symptoms of Bad Glow Plugs in a Diesel

Even when the Glow plugs do not operate, older diesel-fueled vehicles might start, but you cannot say the same about newer automobiles. Here are several signs of a malfunctioning glow plug or two in your truck:

1. Hard Starting

If you usually start your car with one crank, but it now takes longer to start, glow connectors may be troublesome. Properly working glow plugs help flow in the chamber considerably easier by heating the air and the diesel fuel.

Defective glow plugs may not be heated enough to primarily pump fuel into the combustion chamber before you inject the gasoline. This mainly happens during the colder months of the year when the temperature is cold enough to heat your truck’s engine.

2. Engine Misfire

If the glow plugs cannot heat the diesel sufficiently, the engine may fail to start. This implies that it will not ignite the gasoline put into the chamber. Fuel may potentially overwhelm the combustion chamber.

This can lead at least until the remainder of the fuel is burnt to a lower power supply. Engine malfunction can lead to engine problems, such as engine banging and fuel injectors becoming obstructed.

3. The Truck Engine Does Not Start at All

You might have numerous faults with glow plugs if the temperature is chilly and your engine does not start. If you hear the engine turning off successfully, you can tell whether the glow plugs are wrong.

If the battery were the problem, you would hear just the clicking sounds. It implies instead that the starting motor does not have adequate power.

4. Decreased Fuel Efficiency

When you start the engine, you use the truck’s fuel. If the glow plugs fail, your engine constantly injects diesel without ignition into the combustion chamber. Instead of becoming utilized to move the vehicle forward, the unburnt gasoline will come into waste.

Likewise, forceful starting stresses the components of the engine. This can cause a great deal of wear and tear. The cylinders will eventually lose some compression. That implies the engines aren’t as efficient as prior.

5. Black Smoke

Black smoke from a diesel engine means that it does not burn the gasoline efficiently. If your tailpipe, for example, blasts a giant black smoke cloud after trying to get your engine started, one probable reason was that your glow plug did not heat the diesel before entering the combustion chamber. It was therefore not burnt entirely, which led to a belch of black smoke.

However, there might be other technical problems you need to consider if your car is still belching black smoke after a few minutes, or if it does if you step onto the accelerator.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a Diesel Truck Have? FAQs​​

How Many Glow Plugs Are in a Diesel Truck Engine?

Each cylinder of the engine might have as many as 10 glow plugs. During ignition, diesel motors employ glow plugs to initiate the process. A glow plug plays the main function in heating the air in a diesel engine combustion chamber to achieve the appropriate temperature.

How Often Do You Need to Replace Glow Plugs?

You must promptly repair or replace the broken glow plugs since they may cause severe mechanical difficulties later. You should preferably replace glow plugs as near as possible to the end of their lifespan.

It can usually last for up to 100,000 miles — then it will progressively deteriorate.

In addition to its durability, glow plugs are not too costly. They just cost a bit more than a normal spark plug. So for only a few dollars you can acquire a newer glow plug. You should also remember that this does not  imply that the entire set should not be replaced, too.


How many spark plugs are there in a diesel truck engine? None. In contrast to gasoline powered trucks, diesel employs compressed air heat in the cylinder to ignite the atomised fuel. Diesel utilizes glow plugs instead of spark plugs. And although they seem identical, they have different roles.

Only atomized diesel fuel is heated by glow plugs in the cylinder. Glow plugs are also only powered when the engine starts. This distinguishes them from spark plugs utilized constantly while the engine runs.

Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763 Impact Wrench: Which One Should I Get?

An impact wrench is vital for various tightening and loosening applications. Just make sure you have the right impact wrench.

Milwaukee is among the top companies that make highly-rated impact wrenches. For this reason, you can expect people to try to see which one is better from the same brand.

That is the case in this review as we look at Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763 impact wrench. At the end of the review, you would know which to get and for what purpose. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Milwaukee 2767 Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee is a top brand, so the 2767 impact wrench has so much to live up to the brand’s reputation. Well, it does not disappoint, as you will see more about it in the review below.


One of the biggest benefits of such an impact wrench is its torque. For this one, it features an impressive torque of 1000 ft-lbs. This is what you can use as the fastening torque.

In addition to this, there are also 1400 ft-lbs. nut-busting torque. With this kind of torque, you never have to worry about not working on a project.

The best part about this kind of impact wrench is that it can be done faster. It will be two times than what you get with competitor models in the market. So, you should be more productive all day long.

Drive Modes

You also get to enjoy up to 4 drive modes with the impact wrench. This means you can tailor the impact wrench speed to your needs. So, depending on the type of fastener, you can always get the job done the right way.

The impact wrench has a top speed of 1750RPM. According to this post, for most people, this speed should be enough to handle more applications.

There is also a bolt removal mode. This kind of mode will help in removing the fastener better. Also, the RPM would be reduced to 750RPM, ensuring that you have better control over the tool as you take off the fastener.


The design involves many things. One of them is how the tool feels in the hand. Well, this one comes with a premium rubber overmold on the handle. This generally makes the handle good in terms of comfort and grip.

Let us say you are using the power tool for long hours; it will not start to slip. So, you can fasten the different applications without worrying it might slip from your hand.

Also, the handle can last longer even if it is exposed to corrosive materials. You are likely to be using it for many years to come.

Still, as part of the design, the tool comes with a quick tool-free socket change mechanism. The mechanism also has a ½-inch friction anvil. Most people should find the impact wrench generally easy to use compared to the other models in its class.

It weighs 5.91 pounds, which should be lightweight for most people who want to carry it more often to different job sites.

Protection and Safety

The 2767 impact wrench has the Redlink Plus intelligence system. This system is vital for preventing damage to the tool due to overloading and overheating. So, the tool can last longer without you necessarily worrying it might break down due to overloading.

LED Lights

Having LED lights is important to ensure that the impact wrench can still be used in dark spaces.

Do not worry so much about its battery life since its batteries can also be recharged fast and help you get back to work as fast as possible.


  • It has a rubber overmold to provide more comfort in the hand
  • Most people find it comfortable
  • It is easy to carry around
  • It is cordless
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to change the bits


  • It is expensive for a bare tool
  • It could use better warranty terms

2. Milwaukee 2763 Impact Wrench

The Milwaukee 2763 is a close rival to the 2767 model. If you would like to know what makes them different, check out the 2763 model review below.

Torque Output

For most people, the torque output is vital as it determines what kind of application they can use their impact wrench for.

In this case, the model has a torque of 700ft-lbs. The is the maximum fastening torque. This torque can go as high as 1,100 ft-lbs. for the nut-busting category. It is easy to see how such a toque makes the product good for most people.


Another thing you will like about this model should be its Powerstate brushless motor. The brushless motors, unlike the brushed motors, would not need a lot of maintenance. Some are even sealed for life, but we know that some maintenance might be necessary altogether.

The brushed motor also means that the model can outpower competitors while at the same time run cooler. Since there are not as many wearable components, expect it to last longer too.

Redlink Plus Intelligence

The model still has a variable speed trigger. This ensures that you can always tailor it to the application at hand.

There are two main fastening modes with this model. They are all controlled by the Drive Control system patented to Milwaukee.

In mode 1, the model delivers up to 100 ft-lbs. maximum fastening torque. As for mode 2, the maximum fastening torque is 700 ft-lbs.


As much as the battery pack is not included, the one that you will get from Milwaukee will serve you well over the years.

The batteries also last longer than competitors. You should now be able to handle more projects on a single charge compared to when you would be using another type of impact wrench.

Just make sure you are buying the genuine Milwaukee batteries to ensure the impact wrench can also perform reliably.


Looking at the design, you will notice it has the same design as what you get other Milwaukee impact wrenches. This type of design is all about compactness and makes the unit feel comfortable in the hand. Having an overmolded handle should make that possible.

Other than the handle, users can also enjoy quick socket changes. You can always use the right bit, depending on the application.

You will still like it for being lightweight since it weighs 6.64 lbs. only. This should be good enough to use for many other applications.

Speed and IPM

Keep in mind that this model has a variable speed trigger. This type of trigger allows you to adjust the speed up to 700 RPM. As for the impacts per minute or IPM, the no-load speed is 2300 IPM. This IPM value makes it good for even the demanding jobs.


  • Superior performance
  • Multiple drive modes
  • Great battery runtime
  • Easy to change the bits
  • Comfortable in the hand


  • Some find it pricey for the features


Both models feature comfortable handles. The handles have rubber overmolds that make them fit in the hand better and also keep the slipping to a minimum.

The models both have long-lasting batteries. These types of batteries are ideal for those who might be on the market for a longer runtime. As such, you would be able to handle even the longer projects without recharging all the time.

Having a friction ring design makes both models good at their job. You will find that you can easily swap the different bits from the impact wrench and tailor it to your needs.

They are both cordless too. This means you can always find portability being easy generally. Just make sure you have a fully charged battery pack before leaving the house.

Even though the 2767 model is lighter on paper, they are both lightweight. You can always take them with you to different places to handle various projects.


One of the biggest differences between the two models is that the 2767 model has more torque. This includes the fastening torque and the nut-busting torque.

The 2767 model also comes with four drive modes you can consider. You only get two in the 2763 unit. So, if you want more versatility, the 2767 model can be a steal.

The speed of the 2767 model is 1750 RPM as the maximum option you can get. The 2763 model offers a maximum speed of 700 RPM.

Impact Wrench Buying Guide


For an impact wrench, the torque value is probably the most important feature for the users. The torque would be stated in terms of ft-lbs.

Having more torque is something most people would want. It helps them to handle more demanding jobs.

Keep in mind that you will come across the fastening torque and the nut-busting torque. The names give it all away. You have to get yourself a model with enough torque to make it versatile for different applications.

Depending on the model you buy, some might have the option of adjusting the torque. So, in case it is a delicate job, dial your torque down a bit to make sure the wrench can do its job right.


The speed is also vital when using an impact wrench. It allows you to handle the job faster. You will mostly get modern impact wrenches that have a variable speed trigger. This is vital to ensure you can have an easy time working on a project better and faster.

You also have to consider the impacts per minute or IPM. This one is different from the speed, which is measured in RPM.


You still have to look at the design. Is the model comfortable to hold? This is probably the most asked question when someone looks for a new impact wrench.

The comfort largely depends on the handle design and material. Most manufacturers would try to make it feel comfortable by making the handle to have an overmolded rubber to keep it comfortable in the hand.

Also, the handle could have contours that make it fit in the hand better.

The design also puts to test how easy it is to use the impact wrench. What is important is that you get yourself a model that can make your life easier. In most cases, changing of bits would be easier depending on the mechanism used to set up the impact wrench.


You should not forget about the weight. It is not a doubt many people would hope for a lightweight and compact impact wrench. This is because they would enjoy carrying it around. The best part is that most cordless impact wrenches would be lightweight.

Corded or Cordless

The chances are you may come across these two as options when looking for the best impact wrench. The models reviewed in this guide are both cordless. This means portability is not an issue. However, the corded models tend to have more torque, and you would not worry about the battery running out on you.

As much as the battery runtime can be a problem for some cordless models, the versatility and portability make them easily a top choice.

So, each model that you consider might have pros and cons. It is why you have to buy the best impact wrench based on your needs for one.

Final Thought: Which is Better?

Looking at the two models above, it is clear that one is more powerful than the other. The 2767 model stands out as more powerful and features more drive modes. In case you were looking for more versatility, now you know which to get. It will also be a great choice for those who want to handle demanding jobs.

This does not mean you dismiss the 2763 model. It is still a top option for those who might be on a budget and still want to get a good Milwaukee product. It would be able to help you power through different projects without necessarily requiring you to recharge the battery.

Whichever you decide to pick, consider your needs always. It is from your needs you would find the correct impact wrench between the two mentioned above.

How to Clear Purgeable Space on Mac

Apple has made a purgeable storage solution for keeping files that you don’t have any access anymore or are no longer using in a long period of time, so you can securely delete these files.

Now, are you having a difficult time when it comes to purgeable space? Do you want to know how to clear purgeable space on Mac easily?

If this is you, then you’ve just come to the right place because in this article we will tell you how to clear purgeable space on Mac the easy way.

So, with that said, let’s dive in!

What Actually Purgeable Space on Mac Is?

If you want to know how to clear purgeable Space on Mac, you should learn first the meaning behind purgeable space.

If you’ve downloaded a ton of documents, media, and files over the past few years, then chances are all these files you’ve downloaded would be saved in your iCloud drive, thus making some storage problems. But there’s more to it.

Now, purgeable space is any kind of data from iTunes to cached movies. All files data that you’ve not used over long periods of time are what you want to call purgeable files.

If you’re utilizing either High Sierra or MacOS Sierra optimized storage feature, you can easily determine files that are taking up a lot of space on your device. You can get rid of them, or move them to your iCloud and make space on your startup disk.

Manually Getting Rid of Purgeable Storage on Mac

Keep in mind that it’s not really a smart idea to just manually eliminate purgeable storage on Mac. The reason is because you would not know what you’ll get rid of.

You see, this manual approach is not really efficient compared to using a 3rd-party cleaning app because using the manual method can only clean up to 10% of purgeable space on your Mac. This is the reason why we don’t really recommend this method. But if you still want to give it a shot, then here’s how to do it.

Simply head to the Menu Bar, click the Apple Icon then the About this Mac, and press the Storage Tab, then click again on the Manage.

After this process, you’ll see a wide range of options to clean your device. Select the one that fits you such as Reduce Clutter, Empty Trash Automatically, Optimize Storage, or iCloud.

One-Click Solution to Get Rid of Purgeable Space on Mac

If you’re looking to easily get rid of purgeable space on your Mac, then you must utilize a 3rd part software. And what we want to recommend in this article is the Umate Mac Cleaner.

This particular software is an all-in-one utility for optimizing and cleaning your Mac in order to boost your device’s performance. Unlike manual methods, this particular software stands out with a more efficient cleaning and scanning speed for getting rid of purgeable files.

If you don’t know how to use this software, then worry not because it is designed for many beginners out there, especially that it comes with a very user-friendly interface. Here are the steps:

  • Download, install, and launch the software. Don’t worry because this app is very easy to install and compatible with iMac and Macbook running with macOS 10.14-10.9.
  • Select Clean Up Junk in order to scan for purgeable items
  • Simply hit the clean button in order to get rid of all the purgeable files.

After you’ve picked all the unwanted purgeable files in the Quick Clean part, just hit the clean button in order to completely eliminate them instantly. Now, if you’re looking for a deeper cleaning process, then simply select the Deep Clean mode.

This particular mode can detect certain kinds of unwanted files. Simply choose the files that you want to eliminate and again, hit the clean button.

And that’s it, you’ve just eliminated all the purgeable files on your Mac in just a single click. With this awesome software, cleaning up your Mac is now very convenient and easy.

This app’s on-screen prompts can help you do the cleaning task in a flash. Just scan, click, and clean, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, purgeable space on Mac is important and eliminating the issue of restricted storage on your Mac device is essential for your various Mac activities. With the methods we shared to you, you would have completely figured out all the things that you should know about clearing purgeable space on Mac.

Again there are main methods that you can use. The manual way and the use of 3rd-party software; obviously, using a 3rd party software is still the best option.

How about you? Do you know any similar method that can clear purgeable space on Mac? If so, please share your feedback in the comment section below. Thank you, and hope to see you in another review!

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates (5 Methods)

We all know that updates are essential feature of using Windows 10 Operating System. It’s a good thing that Microsoft frequently releases new updates in order to keep its users’ experience optimal.

But for every updates out there, there are advantages and disadvantages, which ultimately allow Windows to automatically update.

So with that said, we will go over some of these before discussing some approaches that can provide you more control over what gets installed and when.

Stay tuned!

Should You Allow or Stop Updates?

First of all, before going to the methods of stopping Windows 10 updates, let’s discuss whether you should allow or stop updates in the first place. You see Microsoft’s frequent release of new updates come with certain pros.

  • By way of automatic update, Windows 10 OS enables you to concentrate on what you want to use your computer for rather than constantly checking for new updates.
  • Updates give you up-to-date security essentials. The thing is, if you leave your older version the way it is, you are leaving your computer vulnerable to security treats.
  • Updates are meant to provide you the best experience on your computer by keeping your current OS with the most recent additions and software to Windows 10.

But along with pros of updating your OS, there are actually some disadvantages to it, especially automatic updates.

  • Certain updates cause some performance problems such as unresolved security problems, poorer performance, and glitches. These problems have been reported by a lot of users after their updates. In addition, you may be utilizing software that needs a certain version of Windows. And sometimes, updates can actually preclude them from operating the right way.
  • Probably the most visible issue about automatic update is the awkward timing of the updates. Of course, you don’t want to get disrupted on what you’re doing with your PC, right? Let’s say you’re working on a project, and suddenly a pop appears reminding you to update, for sure you’ll get upset.

Ways to Stop Windows 10 Updates

First of all, remember that the approaches below can block software and driver updates but not security updates. It’s a given that Windows will continue to push security updates in order to preclude exploits.

Use the Show/Hide Tool

In order to stop Windows from reinstalling updates that you’ve already uninstalled, just utilize the Show/Hide Utility. But keep in mind that this won’t preclude Windows from installing updates, only from reinstalling them after you’ve uninstalled them.

  • Just download the utility here, then click open after the dialogue prompts you. Just follow the process in order to complete the download.
  • Just access the utility and choose the right updates that you want to hide. Then press Next and follow the instructions from the tool in order to hide the right drivers.

Edit the Registry

This one should actually be the last approach you should try because it might cause some big problems if you do it wrong. So before doing this method, make sure that all your files and data have backup.

  • Just press Windows + R buttons again and input regedit in the dialogue that will appear.
  • Head through the following path: HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE then Software then Policies then Microsoft, and lastly Windows
  • After that, right-click on Windows and choose New, then choose key
  • Just name the new Key Windows Update, press enter, then right-click the new key and choose New, then press Key
  • Then name this key AU and press enter. Just right-click the new key and choose New and press DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Name the new key AUOptions and press Enter. After that, double click the new key and configure the value to 2 for “Notify for Download and Notify for Install. After you press ok, just exit the registry.

Use the Group Policy Editor

If you are using Windows Enterprise Edition or the Education Edition, then there’s another utility that you can use known as the group policy editor. This tool will send you a notification if ever there’s an update ready without automatically updating your system.

  • Just press Windows + R buttons again to head to the Run dialog and input dpedit.msc
  • Search for Windows Update located under Computer Configuration
  • Just configure the Configure Automatic Updates settings to Notify for Download and Notify for Install
  • Then access the Settings using the Windows Search bar. Head to Updates & Security and choose Windows Updates
  • Then press Check for Updates
  • After that, just restart your computer and all new settings will be implemented

Configure Your Internet Connection to Metered

If you configure your connection to a metered connection, Windows will only be able to send priority updates. You see, a metered connection comes with a data limit. This particular approach won’t work if you’re using Ethernet and could affect your internet usage. Here’s how to do it.

  • Search for Settings in the Windows Search bar and access it.
  • Select the Network & Internet
  • Then head over to Change Connection Properties
  • After that, scroll down and choose the Metered Connection

Disabling the Windows Update Application

Users can easily disable Windows automatic updates with just some keystrokes. Here’s how to do it.

  • Press the Windows + R buttons so that the research bar appears. Then input “services.msc and press enter.
  • After the services appear, just scroll down to search for Windows Update, then right-click on it and choose stop.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you are disrupted during a crucial task, make sure to utilize a program that needs a certain version of Windows.

Or you just don’t want Windows to automatically update, all the approaches that we mentioned above will aid you to acquire that peace of mind knowing that you will be in much greater control of the timing if Windows updates at all, the drivers that are updates, or some crucial updates.

If you found this post helpful, please share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

5 Alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine Backup Application

For every Mac out there, there’s already integrated Time Machine backup software. This inbuilt software is always ready to run and is always an amazing choice for backing up your device to an external hard drive.

However, there are also a number of other options in the market today. And some of them come with features that even Time Machine can’t rival with.

So, with that said, here are the five alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine backup application for creating local backups.

Read on!


The maker of this software is famous for their cloud backup software. But users can also utilize the free version of their programs in order to backup files to any computer linked to the Internet or any external drive. Thus, if you’re looking to make some backups on a network drive or local hard drive, then you can do that without spending your hard-earned money.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to make bootable clones with this software. That’s why it is actually best fitted as a remote backup solution. Of course, it doesn’t really mean that it is not beneficial for local drives.

The customization and scheduling features are not as innovative as some other backup options out there but we all know that a free app has some advantages of its own especially on the price factor.

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro stands out for its well-organized and amazing interface. It comes with various backup sets listed in the left sidebar. All you have to do is pick the set that you want to back up or edit, and everything that you need will be displayed in the main panel. Regardless if you are making smaller backup of documents or photos, or a completely bootable clone you can do it all in just few clicks.

It comes with templates for certain sets of data so this software is ready to back up all your Documents, Mail, Photos, and iTunes folders immediately. You can also schedule any of your backup sets, and you can pick between four different approaches of encryption if you want to ensure that they stay secure. Now, if you want to get all of your data back, then you don’t really need to install its premium version.

It comes with an inexpensive version in order to ensure that your Mac is safely backed up.

Data Backup 3

Data Backup 3 is another great solution with completely bootable cloning capabilities. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it comes with presets for backing up your iPhoto and iTunes libraries. Moreover, users can make their own backup presets by dragging and dropping the files that they want in certain set.

Similar to prominent names in the backup application industry, you will also get scheduling as well as versioning, password-protected or compressed backups. Furthermore, you’ll get the ability to preclude particular files from being backed up. However, keep in mind that it is quite tough to find a backup program that is more perfect to quick setup on your Mac device.

Data Backup 3 comes with a free version. But then again, if you want to get the full benefits, then investing in its full version is worthy.

Super Duper

Super Duper is another piece of backup application that makes a complete bootable clone of your hard drive. This mazing software gives cool functionality which includes eject-after-copy, backup-on-connect, scheduling, smart updates, scripting, and other abilities that will make your life much easier.

Super Duper doesn’t give many features compared to Carbon Copy Cloner software; nonetheless the Super Duper has been around for a long time now. In fact, it won many awards now especially because it is easy to use, it’s fast, and it works great.

One of the best benefits of Super Duper is that users don’t need to learn a whole lot of backups just to get the software operating. You’ll find no ton of options out there. In fact, it is quite easy to set it up.

Super Duper’s basic version is of course free. However, if you want to access more awesome features such as scripting, smart updates, and sandboxing, then upgrading to the full version is needed.

Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC)

Carbon Copy Cloner is one of the most densely-packed backup applications out there and provides you with everything that you need for backing up your device. By backing up a bootable clone of your hard drive, the Carbon Copy Cloner software lets you to restore your hard drive after a failure and run it with no hidden installs or downloads required.

Moreover, you’ll also get Carbon Copy Cloner’s SafetyNet feature that keeps copies of recently-eliminated and configured files, just in case you accidentally a file or app that is actually really crucial for you.

Carbon Copy Cloner software is one of the most comprehensive backup solutions today because it features highly-customizable backups, easy-to-use user-interface, and configurable tasks and schedules.


Final Thoughts

With all great backup application alternatives we shared, you now have several approaches you can back up your Mac at a number of price ranges. For the most part, there are no excuses for not having backed up your local drive, particularly with some inexpensive and free software out there.

While having more than two backups might sound unnecessary, but remember how crucial your files are. Having more than two or three backups are better than losing your important files.

How about you? Do you know any backup application that we weren’t able to mention above? If so, kindly share them in the comment section below. Thank you!

How to Clear Browsing History on Windows 10

Do you notice that when you begin typing in a URL on your web browser, Windows 10 actually finishes the task for you? This happens when you have spent countless of hours skimming through your social media feeds, perusing through a myriad of other websites, looking for some great items on Amazon, bringing random YouTube videos, etc.

The snippets of the list of sites you visit, your highlights, your past browsing history collects information to give suggestions based on your preferences.  Thus, the next time you shop on Amazon or login to Facebook, the more ads and suggestions you will see popping. All of these are actually based on your past activities.

Many internet brands out there are actually consistently tracking all your online activities mostly based on your browsing history by utilizing the capabilities of cookies. Some people might find it beneficial and harmless. However, if the wrong individual gets access to your sensitive data, your security might be in danger.

So, if you want to know how to clear browsing history on Windows 10, then stay tuned!

Clearing of Browsing History on Windows 10

First of all, remember that the following methods are for Windows 10 users only.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is probably the most prominent web browser on Windows 10 computers today. To get rid of browsing data and history for Google Chrome, just follow the following:

  • Just access Google Chrome app, then select the icon with the 3 vertical dots founds in the upper-right corner of the browser. Then choose History. Then choose History again. Or, you can just use the short cut keys Ctrl + H if you want to get directly to the History section.
  • After the History section appears, just select the Clear Browsing Data.
  • After the pop-up appears, just choose the Clear Data. You can also utilize the advanced choices to pick the types and time range of data to be cleared. After you hit Clear Data, all of the things you chose will be eliminated.

Mozilla Firefox

The process of getting rid of browsing history in Mozilla Firefox is actually pretty similar with Microsoft Edge.

  • First of all access Firefox. Press the icon on the top-right that looks like a pile of books.
  • Then choose History.
  • Then select on Clear Recent History
  • Choose the time range and type of data that you want to get rid of. Then simply click the Clear Now button.

Microsoft Edge

If you’re still using some old browsers, then we want to tell you that the Microsoft Edge is actually the most recent, more efficient, and cooler alternative for Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled on computers that have Windows 10 Operating System. This browser is the best-integrated with other Microsoft software and products which include Bing.

  • Now, to get rid of your browsing history on Microsoft Edge, just follow the following steps:
  • Access Microsoft Edge. Pick the Hub icon found in the top-right. This icon looks like a shooting star.
  • Then open History found on the left side. Select Clear History on the top.
  • Lastly, choose which forms of browsing data you want to get rid of. These might include Form Data, Download History, Browsing History, and so on. After that, click on the Clear button.

Keep in mind that if you want the browser to get rid of your browsing history every time you leave the program, just press the slider below which says “Always clear this when I close the browser.” By doing so, you can improve your PC’s performance especially when visiting other websites.

Convenient Tips

If you’re looking for an approach to ensure that your browser won’t save your browsing history and safeguard your browsing experience, then just use the Private browsing in Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. As for the Google Chrome, it comes with Incognito mode.

These features are very convenient if you’re always forgetting to clear the browsing history on a shared PC. By using the Private or Incognito mode, you’ll get a lot of advantages which include automatically clearing your browsing history, not saving cookies, and not saving data your entered in forms. All of this makes it harder for sites to track your activities. Moreover, using these secured modes will guarantee that you don’t accidentally stay logged in to a site after closing your browser.

Google Chrome

To use Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, just open the browser, then click the icon found in the top-right corner. Choose the New Incognito Window. Or again, if you prefer shortcut keys, just enter Ctrl + Shift + N.

Mozilla Firefox

To use the Private Mode of Mozilla Firefox, just press the icon on the top-right of the Window. Then choose the New Private Window. Or if you prefer to use shortcut keys, just press Ctrl + Shift + P

Microsoft Edge

To use the InPrivate Mode, just open the Microsoft Edge browser and click on the icon found on the top-right corner. Then choose the new InPrivate Window. Then you’ll notice that a new window will open.


Final Thoughts

With the tips we shared to you above, we hope that you were able to successfully clear all your browsing data on your computer that uses Windows 10. Alternatively, you can just use the private mode or the incognito mode. On the flip side, the cache from your past visiting history is very beneficial in efficiently loading websites that you are always visiting.

Furthermore, you will find that your browsing history is useful for searching for certain videos, articles, pages that you have viewed in the past that you may have actually forgotten.

But then again, it’s up to your preference. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment down below. Thank you!

How to Clean “System” Storage that’s Taking Huge Disk on Mac

You’re probably wondering what is taking up so much storage space on your Mac. You clicked on the Apple logo located on the top-left of your device’s screen, you chose About This Mac, and you hit the Storage tab. You notice a yellow bar that represents your Mac’s System. It looks filled up more than you imagined it should.

In addition, you probably don’t have any idea what is included in the disk storage, because pressing the Manage button redirects you to the System Information window. There’s just a lot to think of when it comes to your Mac’s system storage.

So how do you actually clean this system storage that is seemingly taking a lot of disk space on your Mac? Well, we will discuss that in the following sections so make sure to stay tuned!

What You Can Do to Reclaim More Disk Space?

For the most part, there are a whole lot of methods that you can do.

Here are some reliable methods that you can utilize to aid you reclaim some significant amount of disk space effectively.

Getting Rid of Duplicated Files

Keep in mind that duplicated files can pile up without you being conscious of it. In addition, searching these kinds of files can be a little bit time-consuming. This is the reason why software, called Gemini 2 is a very helpful tool that you can use.

Just choose some regularly used folders in the main zone of the app. The software will then scan them and returns all the duplicate files that could be worth eliminating. Obviously, it is always a smart move to review these files before proceeding in deleting them.

Organize Files by their Size and Get Rid of Old Large Files

What you want to do is simply go to Finder, head to Recents and search for the Size column, Press on it to organize all recent files by file size which is normally from large files to small size files.

In this process, you will have a clear analysis of what apps or files are consuming a large amount of disk space. Now, if the Size column won’t show up, just click on the Settings icon and just choose the Arrange By, then Size.

What Files Are Included in System Storage on Mac?

There are a lot of individuals that report that Apple counts app caches and iTunes backup files in the System category.

Because it is greyed out, and many people can’t click on that particular category for an in-depth analysis, we must use a 3rd-party app to help us. And the perfect software for this task is the CLEANMMAC X.

But first, keep in mind that this software is not a free ware. However, its new Space Lens feature free to use, and this feature enables users to scan their Macintosh HD then show the users a deep analysis of what is actually taking up a lot of disk space on their Mac devices.

So, how do you actually utilize this software? Well, here are the steps:

  • Download CLEANMMAC and install it on your device. Open the software under Space Lens module then press the yellow Grant Access button in order to enable the software to access your device’s files. Then you must choose Scan to begin the process.
  • After the scanning process, the software will display a folder or file tree and you can user your mouse to hover to each folder. In this process you’ll be able to find additional details. Just click the System folder to proceed further.
  • You will notice that the file breakdown below will indicate that some iOS Support files and Library are the suspects.

You might notice that the System file size shown in CLEANMYMAC seems much smaller compared to the size displayed in the System Information. This could baffle you and can make you believe that Apple certainly has counted some other files in your Mac device’s System category.

This cleaning process is most likely enough if the above methods didn’t work out for you.

Final Thoughts

Mac users today got the option of saving space through storing files in the cloud, all thanks to the Optimized Storage feature introduced by Apple. The company also provides new utilities that make it effortless to search and get rid of unnecessary files.

The bar that you can see under the Storage tab is stunning and enables users to get a quick analysis of what is taking up the most space on their hard disk. Nonetheless, it still lacks insights into the System category since it is greyed out.

But hopefully, with what we discussed above, you can have a better disk space on your Mac. If you found this article helpful, kindly leave any feedback or thoughts in the comment section below. See you in another review!

10 Free Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, there are plenty of free data recovery programs for both Mac and Windows PC. See, such tools are one of the most crucial utilities that serve a very significant role in many individuals today. This is the reason why many are looking for reliable data recovery software.

But don’t worry because we did the hard-work of researching so you can easily acquire the best one for your needs. Without further ado, let’s examine the 10 free data recovery software.

Read on!


This one has the best text-based user interface utilizing data carving methods; it is engineered to recover lost files from different CD-ROM, hard disk, and digital camera memory. Moreover, it can also enhance the data with more than 480 file sizes. It can also add a custom file signature in order to recognize lesser known files.


  • Recovers data files
  • Multi-platform applications
  • Wide variety

ADRC Data Recovery Tools

This one includes a collection of DIY data recovery utilities that brings a vast variety of file systems and drives. It also provides a clean and simple UI. Meaning it is perfect for beginners out there. Furthermore, this recovery tool enables you to backup, edit and restores your boot parameters, cop data from hard disk with not good sectors, restore a backup image, and create disk image back up.


  • Boot builder
  • Copy files
  • Undelete files

Stellar Data Recovery

It is essentially available for both Mac and Windows. It can easily recover data from your devices. It was initially named Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

Stellar Data Recovery is utilized to recover lost photos, video, files, and many more from the storage devices such as external or internal hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, as well as SD memory cards, and so on. Furthermore, it supports exFAT, fAT, and NTFS file systems.


  • Retrieve multiple files
  • 100% reliable and safe to use
  • Recover your lost or deleted data easily

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This one is one of the best free data recovery software perfect for many Windows PC out there. It gives a lot of utilities that can easily recover lost and eliminated files or data from hard drives, and different types of disk.


  • Hard drive recovery
  • Compression
  • Secure data storage

Glary Undelete

This particular software is a user-friendly one that comes with a powerful file recovery solution for both FAT and NTFS file systems. It can easily bring back deleted files from Recycle Bin, in DOS windows of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.


  • Work on removable media
  • Support wide format
  • Support all primary hard drives

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery works on CDs/DVDs, memory cards, pen drives, hard disks, and other storage mediums. It gives a simple UI with an upgraded system, and it also has a quick scan that lists eliminated files in just a matter of click.


  • Disk Utilities
  • Advanced search
  • User-friendly

Wise Data Recovery

This software is perfect for mac users to resolve their data loss issues. Wise Data Recovery collects data from MP3 player, mobile phone, digital camera, memory card, USB drive, and other storage mediums. It aids to recover data from NTFS, exFAT,and FAT disk.


  • Los partition recovery
  • Multiple scans option
  • Gives a search option to locate a specific file

PC Inspector File Recovery

This one supports the FAT and NTFS file systems. It’s software that finds barriers automatically even if the boot sector has been damaged or deleted. It recovers files with their original date stamp and terms. It also supports the saving of recovered files on network drives.


  • Find partition automatically
  • Recovers all data with their original date stamp and time
  • IT supports all the saving of recovered files on network drives


This particular software is a prominent free data recovery program for Windows, which is engineered by Piriform. It can regain files that are eliminated from portable media players, memory cards, USB flash drives, hard disk drives, or all random-access storage mediums with supported file system.


  • Deep scanning
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Quick-start wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This particular software is one of the most reliable and unrivaled data recovery software that has helped partition recovery, raw recovery, format recovery, HDD/SDD reconstruction and many more. It is innovative software and can effortlessly back all complex, formatted, and deleted raw files on Windows.


  • Easy files recovery
  • Formatted recovery
  • Recycle bin empty data recovery

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most outstanding free data recovery tools out there. They are perfect for beginners out there because they have user-friendly interfaces. With all of these choices, you can easily do what you want like recovering your lost files or documents.

What about you? Have you used any kind of free data recovery software in the past? Do you think it’s better than the ones we recommended? If so, please tell us your feedback about them so we can feature them in our site as well. Thanks!

Mac Running Slow? – 5 Ways How to Speed Up a Slow Mac

Are you’re experiencing sluggishness on your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?  With today’s guide, we’ll discuss and show you the potential culprit and how to clean up your cache and much more with CleanMyMac X version 4.

Firstly, what is the cache?

The cache is accumulated temporary files stored on your computer.  An easy to way to picture this would be taking your browser for instance: Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari to name a few. Have you ever wanted to know why the images load up quickly after you return to a previously visited website?

The reason is that the browser had previously loaded those images and stored them in the browser’s cache.  In some instances the images may be even outdated which means it’s time to clear the cache.

In addition the browser cache on MacBook’s, there is also the system and user cache.

Backup, Backup, Backup.

The first thing you’ll want to do if you aren’t already doing so, is to make a backup, either with Apple’s Time Machine, a 3rd party tool or via the cloud.

Now on the MacBook, it is possible to go through each of the 3 sets of cache and manually delete the cache files.  For the purpose of this article, we’re going to introduce CleanMyMac X that can do all of this for you automatically and so much more.

Sleek All-in-One Package

Straight from their website “CleanMyMac X is all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac. It cleans megatons of junk and makes your computer run faster. Just like it did on day one.”

CleanMyMac X is a powerful utility to have on hand as you’ll not only be able to clean up the cache on your MacBook, you’ll also be able to have CleanMyMac X take care of mail attachments, iTunes junk, system junk, trash bins, worm, virus, adware, malware, ransomware, improve boot up time and ultimately speed up your MacBook.

Right away you’re presented with a sleek interface and you can simply just click Scan and let CleanMyMac X begin its magic.

You also have the option to go through each module individually which also will break down what is included in the scan for that particular module.

Malware and privacy protection is just another plus point adding further value to its value.

In addition to cleaning up your cache, junk large files and so forth, CleanMyMac X comes with useful maintenance and monitoring features. CleanMyMac X also will helps you uninstall apps without leaving any leftover remnants behind.

Trial Edition of CleanMyMac X v4

There is a trial edition of CleanMyMac X version 4 which will require a subscription or license to unlock all the features. More specifically, the trial edition is limited to removing no more than 500 MB of unneeded items across all cleaning modules.

More of what you can do in a trial mode of CleanMyMac X:
Source: Knowledgebase Article

Smart Scan:

  • Run as many scans as you want;
  • Remove up to 500 MB of junk*;
  • Start Speed improvements up to 2 times.

Cleanup modules: Remove no more than 500 MB* of unneeded items across all cleaning modules. Scan without limitations.

Protection modules:

  • Malware Removal: Scan for malware as many times as you want. The removal operation isn’t available.
  • Privacy: Remove any number of Privacy items but only once. Cleanup of cookies isn’t available. Scan without limitations.

Speed modules:

  • Optimization: Remove any number of Optimization items but only 2 times. Disable, enable, and relaunch items without limitations.
  • Maintenance: Run any task but only once.

Applications modules:

  • Uninstaller:Remove 1 application completely or reset it to the initial state.
  • Updater: Update up to 2 applications.
  • Extensions: All functionality is absolutely free.

Files modules:

  • Space Lens: Remove up to 1 GB of data. Explore without limitations.
  • Large & Old Files: Remove no more than 500 MB* of data. Scan without limitations.
  • Shredder: Erase any number of files in a secure or regular way.

CleanMyMac X Menu:

  • Remove up to 500 MB* of junk from the Trash folder;
  • Free up RAM once;
  • Review system statuses, get important alerts, and run the speed test any number of times.

*The trial mode of CleanMyMac X has a shared 500 MB limit across all modules, except Space Lens. In other words, if you reach the trial limit in one module, cleanup in other modules becomes disabled.
For a licensed edition of CleanMyMac X, 3 basic subscription levels are available:

License for 1 Mac:  $34.95

License for 2 Macs: $54.95

License for 5 Macs: $79.95


Fully featured.

Clear and easy to understand functionality of each of the modules.

Fast Scan and Clean processes.


The trial edition is quite limited in its functionality.

CleanMyMac X Assistant, Knowledge Base, FAQ and Customer Support

If you need to find resources, you have 3 avenues to get the help and support you need.

The first option is CleanMyMac X Assistant which can be found right within CleanMyMac X in the upper-right hand corner of the CleanMyMac windows.

Next, CleanMyMac X has its own dedicated Knowledge Base & FAQ’s.

Of course, if you’re still stuck, you can reach out and contact support.

License Management

In case you lost your license, all you have to do is enter your email address on the License Management page.

Is CleanMyMac X safe?

Yes, CleanMyMac X is safe.  There have been no known viruses, malware or theft of personal and private data.


  • Fully featured.
  • Clear and easy to understand functionality of each of the modules.
  • Fast Scan and Clean processes.


  • The trial edition is quite limited in its functionality.

Finally Thoughts

CleanMyMac X is priced higher than many of the alternatives available, but you’ll find that you’ve made a wise decision to purchase based on the ease of use, loads of modules available and the effectiveness of the end result.

Can I use HP 62 instead 62XL?

Apart from loo roll as well as some kitchen sundries, replacement printer ink cartridges are some of the most troublesome stuff to purchase.

The reason is simple. Aside from being quite expensive, these tools are also a little bit confusing because there are hundreds of models available for a number of various manufacturers as well as printer models. Now, in order to aid you about choosing the best printer ink cartridges, let’s take a look at the versions of cartridge available in the market today.

We will also be sharing some tips on which is the best fit for your needs, as well as some information about printer types and requirements.

Read on!

Things to Look Out For

Regardless if you’re looking for a certain model of cartridge or just hoping to minimize your expenses on future printing costs, understanding the following terms below can significantly aid you seek the cartridge you should acquire.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges

These particular kinds of cartridges are manufactured by the same company as the printer itself. For instance, HP, they have their own printers as well as cartridges. You see, Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges can be quite pricey. But the takeaway here is that they certainly offer the best quality possible.

Compatible Cartridges

These types of printer ink cartridges are craft by 3rd party manufacturers in order to provide a cost-effective substitute to Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges. Supplemented with a state-of-the-art connection chip, Compatible Cartridges are best suited with a large number of modern printers. On the flip side, their ink quality can waver based on the producer. You can check out Toner Giant if you’re looking for compatible ink cartridges.

Combination Ink Packs

For the most part, combination Ink Packs provides a cost-effective approach to acquire two or more printer ink cartridges at once. These convenient units normally feature both black and color ink cartridges. This makes them ideal for those individuals who have just acquired a brand new printer. Even though pretty pricey, combination ink packs provide great value compared to the price ranges of individual cartridges. But that is if you use both black and colored inks.

Solid Ink Cartridges

These kinds of printer ink cartridges are utilized in solid ink printers. They are widely known among the most environmentally-friendly cartridges that consumer can purchase. They are designed particularly for solid ink printers, and are constructed from wax-like material. This particular material is melted to a liquid form before getting applied to a page. Furthermore, solid ink cartridges are prominent for their vibrant color and precision. However, they are normally a little bit pricey compared to ink and toner cartridges.

HP 62 Ink Cartridges vs. 62XL Ink Cartridges

Now, let’s see how much value HP62 and 62XL can provide to the consumers. Even though all compatible HP ink cartridges can significantly save you a lot of money as well as provide great print output, the difference between their results is that the latter comes with more ink – hence the name XL.

Even though the HP 62 printer ink cartridges provide its users a great print output, the HP 62 XL, on the other hand produces triple the amount of what HP 62 can produce.

In particular, the standard version of HP 62 printer ink cartridges can make up to 165 pages of high-quality black text. Meanwhile, HP 62’s tricolor cartridges can print up to 190 pages. When it comes to the HP 62XL, it can produce around 600 pages in black and an incredible 450 colored print outputs.

Thus, it is obvious that HP 62XL printer ink cartridges provide far better value particularly if you use compatible cartridges. If you’re looking for high-quality cartridges, then you can find some on House of Inks.

We’ve discussed the difference between HP62 and 62XL. Now, let’s talk about their similarities.

First of all, both of them can be utilized in the same printer models which include HP Office Jet 5740, 5741, 5742, 5743, 5744, 5745, 5746, and 8040. They are also compatible with HP ENVY 5540, 5542, 5544, 5545, 5640, 5642, 5643, 5660, 5665, 7640, and 7645.

The quantity of printers that these two models can be utilized with also implies that if you own more than one of these HP printer models, certainly, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by simply utilizing the same cartridge in multiple printers. However, keep in mind that can be quite messy.

Speed & Performance

If performance is primarily what you’re looking from a new printer, then you must decide between inkjet and laser. First of all, they both offer amazing speed and performance based on how much you can spend. In this day and age, inkjets were now slower compared to lasers. However, new innovations from HP, Epson and Brother imply that the top of the range inkjets can now match the printers with laser technology when it comes to printing speed.

It depends on your needs whether to get an inkjet or laser printer. Just keep in mind that you can expect around a twenty sheet every minute rate. Unlike cheaper inkjets that can six sheet every minute, the latest models provide better value for your hard-earned money especially in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you’re now thinking how pricey HP brand is. And certainly, they are. Now if can’t really afford it, you can acquire the same quality outputs with compatible ink cartridges. Also, if you’re looking to complete high volume of print yields on a day-to-day basis, then you will probably need all the savings you can get on ink.
Anyways, if you can afford it, then the HP 62XL tri-color and black printer ink cartridges certainly provide better value compared to the regular HP 62 model. Not to mention that it is compatible high yield printer ink cartridges offer the best value of the three units we mentioned in this article. You can also search for combo and multi packs for even bigger savings on any HP or compatible ink cartridges. Lastly, if you want addition information about HP printer ink cartridges, then make sure to check their website here.

Thanks for reading!