Best Unlimited Online Cloud Backup Services in 2017

Unlimited online backup plans are plans that provide you with unlimited space to store your data, the plans are usually provided by the online backup providers. Maybe you are wondering why can’t I just use the free online backup plan, well, the free online backup plan can only store a video or two, some music files and a few years tax returns. But in case you are dealing with large data, for example, 50 ripped Blu-ray movies, 11,000 mp3s and virtual machines then it is recommendable to use the standard plan. Below are five unlimited online plan backups’ plans that you can use.


Backblaze is preferred by most people because its offers unlimited online backup plans that is super-simple in terms of figuring out how to install the software. For one computer, Backblaze will cost you five dollars per month for the unlimited online backup plans. You can make the price more favorable .i.e. 3.96 dollars per month for the unlimited online backup plan in case you make a prepayment of two years for the services. The good thing with the plan offered by Backblaze is that it does not have limits when it comes to the amount or size of data that you can backup.

Crash Plan Unlimited

This is also another recommendable unlimited online backup plan since it is very easy to use and also very safe. The price of the backup plan is also very competitive since it only cost you 5.99 dollars per month for the unlimited online backup plan, the price goes down to five dollars per month if you make a one-year prepayment. With the CrashPlan Unlimited you can enjoy their backup plan from more than one computer through their Family Unlimited Plan. The Family Unlimited Plan goes for 13.99 dollars per month per but if you make one year prepayment then it will cost you 12.50 dollars per month.

Carbonite Basic /Prime/Plus

Carbonite comes with three backup plans .i.e. the Carbonite Plus which goes for 8.33 dollars per month, the Carbonite Basic which costs 5 dollars per month and the Carbonite Prime which costs 12.50 dollars per month. In case you make a three-year prepayment for any of the three plans, you save one to three dollars per month. Remember the features of the plans increases with increase in their prices. Some people tend to think that the Carbonite Basic does not support videos backups which is not true, the reason why it seems so is that the plan excludes the videos using the default and all you need for it to support video backup is remove the exclusion.

Live Drive Backup

To get the Live Drive Backup plan you will have to part with your 8 dollars per month, it is the cheaper version of the Live Drive Unlimited online backup plan. The other version of the Live Drive unlimited online backup plan is the Pro Suite which costs 25 dollars per month. The prices of these two Live Drive Backup plans can be reduced in case you make a one-year prepayment, for instance, the Live Drive’s plans reduce to seven dollars per month while the Pro Suite decreases to twenty dollars per month. The reason why the Live Drive Backup is cheaper compared to the Pro Suite is that it only works on one computer while the Pro suite can be used on five computers. The reason why Live Dive Backup is usually preferred by most people is that it is cheap in case you decide to add an extra computer since it will only cost you 1.50 dollars per month.

Open Drive

Open Drive have two backup plans, the Personal Unlimited plan which goes for 9.95 dollars per month and the Business Unlimited plan which costs 29.95 dollars per month. The two backup plans have very many similarities, the only two differences are the custom branding option and the more user accounts found in the Business Unlimited Plan. In case you make a one-year prepayment for one or the two backup plans, you save a lot of money since it will be equivalent to two month backup plan price. With the Open Drive unlimited online backup plan you benefit from services such as automated backup, sync and backup scheduling, file versioning, user management and redundant backup just to name a few.

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