How to Clear Purgeable Space on Mac

Apple has made a purgeable storage solution for keeping files that you don’t have any access anymore or are no longer using in a long period of time, so you can securely delete these files.

Now, are you having a difficult time when it comes to purgeable space? Do you want to know how to clear purgeable space on Mac easily?

If this is you, then you’ve just come to the right place because in this article we will tell you how to clear purgeable space on Mac the easy way.

So, with that said, let’s dive in!

What Actually Purgeable Space on Mac Is?

If you want to know how to clear purgeable Space on Mac, you should learn first the meaning behind purgeable space.

If you’ve downloaded a ton of documents, media, and files over the past few years, then chances are all these files you’ve downloaded would be saved in your iCloud drive, thus making some storage problems. But there’s more to it.

Now, purgeable space is any kind of data from iTunes to cached movies. All files data that you’ve not used over long periods of time are what you want to call purgeable files.

If you’re utilizing either High Sierra or MacOS Sierra optimized storage feature, you can easily determine files that are taking up a lot of space on your device. You can get rid of them, or move them to your iCloud and make space on your startup disk.

Manually Getting Rid of Purgeable Storage on Mac

Keep in mind that it’s not really a smart idea to just manually eliminate purgeable storage on Mac. The reason is because you would not know what you’ll get rid of.

You see, this manual approach is not really efficient compared to using a 3rd-party cleaning app because using the manual method can only clean up to 10% of purgeable space on your Mac. This is the reason why we don’t really recommend this method. But if you still want to give it a shot, then here’s how to do it.

Simply head to the Menu Bar, click the Apple Icon then the About this Mac, and press the Storage Tab, then click again on the Manage.

After this process, you’ll see a wide range of options to clean your device. Select the one that fits you such as Reduce Clutter, Empty Trash Automatically, Optimize Storage, or iCloud.

One-Click Solution to Get Rid of Purgeable Space on Mac

If you’re looking to easily get rid of purgeable space on your Mac, then you must utilize a 3rd part software. And what we want to recommend in this article is the Umate Mac Cleaner.

This particular software is an all-in-one utility for optimizing and cleaning your Mac in order to boost your device’s performance. Unlike manual methods, this particular software stands out with a more efficient cleaning and scanning speed for getting rid of purgeable files.

If you don’t know how to use this software, then worry not because it is designed for many beginners out there, especially that it comes with a very user-friendly interface. Here are the steps:

  • Download, install, and launch the software. Don’t worry because this app is very easy to install and compatible with iMac and Macbook running with macOS 10.14-10.9.
  • Select Clean Up Junk in order to scan for purgeable items
  • Simply hit the clean button in order to get rid of all the purgeable files.

After you’ve picked all the unwanted purgeable files in the Quick Clean part, just hit the clean button in order to completely eliminate them instantly. Now, if you’re looking for a deeper cleaning process, then simply select the Deep Clean mode.

This particular mode can detect certain kinds of unwanted files. Simply choose the files that you want to eliminate and again, hit the clean button.

And that’s it, you’ve just eliminated all the purgeable files on your Mac in just a single click. With this awesome software, cleaning up your Mac is now very convenient and easy.

This app’s on-screen prompts can help you do the cleaning task in a flash. Just scan, click, and clean, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, purgeable space on Mac is important and eliminating the issue of restricted storage on your Mac device is essential for your various Mac activities. With the methods we shared to you, you would have completely figured out all the things that you should know about clearing purgeable space on Mac.

Again there are main methods that you can use. The manual way and the use of 3rd-party software; obviously, using a 3rd party software is still the best option.

How about you? Do you know any similar method that can clear purgeable space on Mac? If so, please share your feedback in the comment section below. Thank you, and hope to see you in another review!

5 Alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine Backup Application

For every Mac out there, there’s already integrated Time Machine backup software. This inbuilt software is always ready to run and is always an amazing choice for backing up your device to an external hard drive.

However, there are also a number of other options in the market today. And some of them come with features that even Time Machine can’t rival with.

So, with that said, here are the five alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine backup application for creating local backups.

Read on!


The maker of this software is famous for their cloud backup software. But users can also utilize the free version of their programs in order to backup files to any computer linked to the Internet or any external drive. Thus, if you’re looking to make some backups on a network drive or local hard drive, then you can do that without spending your hard-earned money.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to make bootable clones with this software. That’s why it is actually best fitted as a remote backup solution. Of course, it doesn’t really mean that it is not beneficial for local drives.

The customization and scheduling features are not as innovative as some other backup options out there but we all know that a free app has some advantages of its own especially on the price factor.

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro stands out for its well-organized and amazing interface. It comes with various backup sets listed in the left sidebar. All you have to do is pick the set that you want to back up or edit, and everything that you need will be displayed in the main panel. Regardless if you are making smaller backup of documents or photos, or a completely bootable clone you can do it all in just few clicks.

It comes with templates for certain sets of data so this software is ready to back up all your Documents, Mail, Photos, and iTunes folders immediately. You can also schedule any of your backup sets, and you can pick between four different approaches of encryption if you want to ensure that they stay secure. Now, if you want to get all of your data back, then you don’t really need to install its premium version.

It comes with an inexpensive version in order to ensure that your Mac is safely backed up.

Data Backup 3

Data Backup 3 is another great solution with completely bootable cloning capabilities. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it comes with presets for backing up your iPhoto and iTunes libraries. Moreover, users can make their own backup presets by dragging and dropping the files that they want in certain set.

Similar to prominent names in the backup application industry, you will also get scheduling as well as versioning, password-protected or compressed backups. Furthermore, you’ll get the ability to preclude particular files from being backed up. However, keep in mind that it is quite tough to find a backup program that is more perfect to quick setup on your Mac device.

Data Backup 3 comes with a free version. But then again, if you want to get the full benefits, then investing in its full version is worthy.

Super Duper

Super Duper is another piece of backup application that makes a complete bootable clone of your hard drive. This mazing software gives cool functionality which includes eject-after-copy, backup-on-connect, scheduling, smart updates, scripting, and other abilities that will make your life much easier.

Super Duper doesn’t give many features compared to Carbon Copy Cloner software; nonetheless the Super Duper has been around for a long time now. In fact, it won many awards now especially because it is easy to use, it’s fast, and it works great.

One of the best benefits of Super Duper is that users don’t need to learn a whole lot of backups just to get the software operating. You’ll find no ton of options out there. In fact, it is quite easy to set it up.

Super Duper’s basic version is of course free. However, if you want to access more awesome features such as scripting, smart updates, and sandboxing, then upgrading to the full version is needed.

Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC)

Carbon Copy Cloner is one of the most densely-packed backup applications out there and provides you with everything that you need for backing up your device. By backing up a bootable clone of your hard drive, the Carbon Copy Cloner software lets you to restore your hard drive after a failure and run it with no hidden installs or downloads required.

Moreover, you’ll also get Carbon Copy Cloner’s SafetyNet feature that keeps copies of recently-eliminated and configured files, just in case you accidentally a file or app that is actually really crucial for you.

Carbon Copy Cloner software is one of the most comprehensive backup solutions today because it features highly-customizable backups, easy-to-use user-interface, and configurable tasks and schedules.


Final Thoughts

With all great backup application alternatives we shared, you now have several approaches you can back up your Mac at a number of price ranges. For the most part, there are no excuses for not having backed up your local drive, particularly with some inexpensive and free software out there.

While having more than two backups might sound unnecessary, but remember how crucial your files are. Having more than two or three backups are better than losing your important files.

How about you? Do you know any backup application that we weren’t able to mention above? If so, kindly share them in the comment section below. Thank you!

Mac Running Slow? – 5 Ways How to Speed Up a Slow Mac

Are you’re experiencing sluggishness on your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?  With today’s guide, we’ll discuss and show you the potential culprit and how to clean up your cache and much more with CleanMyMac X version 4.

Firstly, what is the cache?

The cache is accumulated temporary files stored on your computer.  An easy to way to picture this would be taking your browser for instance: Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari to name a few. Have you ever wanted to know why the images load up quickly after you return to a previously visited website?

The reason is that the browser had previously loaded those images and stored them in the browser’s cache.  In some instances the images may be even outdated which means it’s time to clear the cache.

In addition the browser cache on MacBook’s, there is also the system and user cache.

Backup, Backup, Backup.

The first thing you’ll want to do if you aren’t already doing so, is to make a backup, either with Apple’s Time Machine, a 3rd party tool or via the cloud.

Now on the MacBook, it is possible to go through each of the 3 sets of cache and manually delete the cache files.  For the purpose of this article, we’re going to introduce CleanMyMac X that can do all of this for you automatically and so much more.

Sleek All-in-One Package

Straight from their website “CleanMyMac X is all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac. It cleans megatons of junk and makes your computer run faster. Just like it did on day one.”

CleanMyMac X is a powerful utility to have on hand as you’ll not only be able to clean up the cache on your MacBook, you’ll also be able to have CleanMyMac X take care of mail attachments, iTunes junk, system junk, trash bins, worm, virus, adware, malware, ransomware, improve boot up time and ultimately speed up your MacBook.

Right away you’re presented with a sleek interface and you can simply just click Scan and let CleanMyMac X begin its magic.

You also have the option to go through each module individually which also will break down what is included in the scan for that particular module.

Malware and privacy protection is just another plus point adding further value to its value.

In addition to cleaning up your cache, junk large files and so forth, CleanMyMac X comes with useful maintenance and monitoring features. CleanMyMac X also will helps you uninstall apps without leaving any leftover remnants behind.

Trial Edition of CleanMyMac X v4

There is a trial edition of CleanMyMac X version 4 which will require a subscription or license to unlock all the features. More specifically, the trial edition is limited to removing no more than 500 MB of unneeded items across all cleaning modules.

More of what you can do in a trial mode of CleanMyMac X:
Source: Knowledgebase Article

Smart Scan:

  • Run as many scans as you want;
  • Remove up to 500 MB of junk*;
  • Start Speed improvements up to 2 times.

Cleanup modules: Remove no more than 500 MB* of unneeded items across all cleaning modules. Scan without limitations.

Protection modules:

  • Malware Removal: Scan for malware as many times as you want. The removal operation isn’t available.
  • Privacy: Remove any number of Privacy items but only once. Cleanup of cookies isn’t available. Scan without limitations.

Speed modules:

  • Optimization: Remove any number of Optimization items but only 2 times. Disable, enable, and relaunch items without limitations.
  • Maintenance: Run any task but only once.

Applications modules:

  • Uninstaller:Remove 1 application completely or reset it to the initial state.
  • Updater: Update up to 2 applications.
  • Extensions: All functionality is absolutely free.

Files modules:

  • Space Lens: Remove up to 1 GB of data. Explore without limitations.
  • Large & Old Files: Remove no more than 500 MB* of data. Scan without limitations.
  • Shredder: Erase any number of files in a secure or regular way.

CleanMyMac X Menu:

  • Remove up to 500 MB* of junk from the Trash folder;
  • Free up RAM once;
  • Review system statuses, get important alerts, and run the speed test any number of times.

*The trial mode of CleanMyMac X has a shared 500 MB limit across all modules, except Space Lens. In other words, if you reach the trial limit in one module, cleanup in other modules becomes disabled.
For a licensed edition of CleanMyMac X, 3 basic subscription levels are available:

License for 1 Mac:  $34.95

License for 2 Macs: $54.95

License for 5 Macs: $79.95


Fully featured.

Clear and easy to understand functionality of each of the modules.

Fast Scan and Clean processes.


The trial edition is quite limited in its functionality.

CleanMyMac X Assistant, Knowledge Base, FAQ and Customer Support

If you need to find resources, you have 3 avenues to get the help and support you need.

The first option is CleanMyMac X Assistant which can be found right within CleanMyMac X in the upper-right hand corner of the CleanMyMac windows.

Next, CleanMyMac X has its own dedicated Knowledge Base & FAQ’s.

Of course, if you’re still stuck, you can reach out and contact support.

License Management

In case you lost your license, all you have to do is enter your email address on the License Management page.

Is CleanMyMac X safe?

Yes, CleanMyMac X is safe.  There have been no known viruses, malware or theft of personal and private data.


  • Fully featured.
  • Clear and easy to understand functionality of each of the modules.
  • Fast Scan and Clean processes.


  • The trial edition is quite limited in its functionality.

Finally Thoughts

CleanMyMac X is priced higher than many of the alternatives available, but you’ll find that you’ve made a wise decision to purchase based on the ease of use, loads of modules available and the effectiveness of the end result.

Four Best Software Programs For Virus Prevention And Diagnosis

You can fix and diagnose your computer easily when you have chosen from one of the four programs that are used to help you check for viruses and other programs that will cause problems on your machine. You know how many problems you could have had if you do not clean up your machine. You may try any of these four programs when you have malicious items on your computer.

Check For Viruses With BitDefender

Checking for viruses with BitDefender will help you remove all these items off your machine, and there are many things that it could find on your machine. This program will take you through he many items that could be on your computer, and you will have an easy time setting up the program to check for each item. It will check on a regular schedule if you like, and you will get alerts any time there is a problem.


SpyHunter is an anti-malware program that will check for the malware that could be on your computer. Malware will shut down your computer completely, and this program will quarantine anything that has been found on the machine. You will feel good knowing that you can keep your machine running even though you have malware on it, and it will show you how much easier it is to remove these things. You may use the program when you feel as though your machine is slowing down, and you will notice that it is a much faster resolution for all your problems.


The system functions that are slowing down your PC must be cleaned up, and you will find that there are many accessories and files or systems that will be cleared up properly. There are many people who have not cleaned their PCs before, and your machine will run much faster after all these things have been cleaned up. The registry and startup manager will ensure your computer uses less memory, saves time, and moves faster.

Lolo System Mechanic

Windows system issues are simple for you to use when your machine will show you all the issues that may be resolved. You will find that the mechanic checks the computer, and it will take you through each troubleshooting process that you need to do. You will find yourself stumped more often than not if you are not using this program, and you may run this program every day if you like. It will be set up with the schedule that ensures the machine has been checked up on a regular basis. The regular intervals for the program will help you keep your machine clean and in the best shape.

PCs Have Many Issues

You will find that there are many issues that will come up when your computer is running, and you will find that there are many things you can do to keep your machine in better condition. The system that you are using will go through the programs that you have used, and you will save time and energy that you would have wasted trying to keep your machine running.

You will have more functionality in your computer when you are using the programs that are listed above, and you may keep them all on your machine at any time. Someone who is using the programs above to arrange their computer will maintain the value of their computer, keep it running, and prevent viruses and malware from taking over. You will be much more productive because you have used these programs to manage your computer and arrange the files that you are using every day.

Best PC Speed up Software to Tune up Windows Computer

Have you been seeing the “circle of death” cycling for five minutes on our computer screen just to load the internet browser? Or, how about when you open your trusty word processor and it takes eons to open? These could be signs of a PC that is in need of a little pepping up. When this happens, you probably pretend like it’s not happening because you are not ready to deal with it. You are probably hearing dollar signs when you consider that you may just have to replace your PC. What you don’t know is that there is software that is available that will tune up your PC. Don’t get too excited yet because not all PC tuners will whip your computer back into tip-top shape. Some can cause more issues than you are already dealing with. How do you know which is the best? You don’t and that’s why you are here. Here is exactly what you need to look for. There are four top PC tune up programs that will give you the best result.

Our Top 4 PC Speed Up Software

  1. Advanced SystemCare
  2. CleanMyPC
  3. Lolo System Mechanic
  4. UniBlue PC Mechanic

PC Speed Up Software Must Haves

  • Security: First, the security of the software must check out. The last thing you want is to run software that will obliterate your operating system. These top 4 that are recommended will pass the security test and not cause issues to your system that will slow it down, even more.
  • Performance: The primary reason you would want to run a PC speed up program is to restore the speed and performance of your PC. The performance of any speed up software you use should be evaluated. After all, increased performance is the main reason for PC speed up software
  • Ease of Use: Possibly the number one thing that would cause you not to want to run your own PC speed up is how complicated it could be. Therefore, ease of use is most important. Not only do you want to be confident that the software you choose is the best but you also should be confident that you are able to maneuver through the software with ease.
  • Support: There’s nothing like going to the beach with your kids and knowing there is a lifeguard nearby. This is what having software that offers client support is like. Having support for any software you use will make you feel much more comfortable with its use.
  • Compatibility: PC speed up software should be checked for its capability with the most popular operating systems. A consistent pattern of operating system capability suggests that the manufacturer is serious about providing a good tool that will consistently be reviewed for upgrades and newer versions.

The Top 4 PC Speed Up Software in 2017

Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a robust tool for providing a great deal of PC speeding up. This is among the easiest to use because of its clean design and simple layout. Don’t let the simple layout fool you. This tool comes packed with a myriad of PC tuning features that will bring your PC back to life.


The cool blue interface of CleanMyPC will remind you of a day on the beach and that’s exactly how easy this tool is to use. The primary focus of CleanMyPC is disk optimization. It will work to free up much-needed space that could be flooded with unnecessary files and downloads and those pesky programs that you probably have never used since you purchased your PC. This tool is perfect for someone needing a little computer organization. The result of freeing up this space will be a PC that performs better.

Lolo System Mechanic

This “Click and Report” style program will perform a complete scan of your system with the click of a button and then give you an analysis of the issues that are causing your performance problems. After that, take the driver’s seat and correct each problematic error listed. There’s more where that comes from since the Lolo System Mechanic comes with more features to cater to your PC tune up.

UniBlue PC Mechanic

UniBlue PC Mechanic comes packed with a well-defined results screen that you will see after a one click scan of your PC. Your results screen will show you what issues are causing your performance to be slow and will offer you a detailed report of these issues in case you are feeling a bit techy.

Top 6 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software Reviews

In today’s world, a mobile phone is a very important device. Many people keep crucial information and files on their mobile phones where they can easily access the data when needed. Loss of a mobile phone or data stored can be very stressing. Regular backup is a good way of ensuring all your data on iPhone is stored in iCloud where you can access it when your phone is corrupted by malware, or you have deleted some content. The two commonly used methods of data recovery are checking for backups and use of iPhone data recovery software. There is no reason to stress since data is easily recoverable in most cases.

Many data recovery software has been designed for iPhone users. You can download a top data recovery app from Apple store, and it will help you in recovering the deleted files back to your phone.

Criteria for choosing the best data recovery software for your iPhone: Some metrics are used in determining the best application you can use. When downloading any software on your phone, check whether it fulfills the following qualities;

  • Security: Any downloadable software from the Appstore should not contain viruses or malware files that can corrupt your device.
  • Is the software able to handle different types of data loss? : The ideal software should be able to deal will all types of data recovery on your device. Chances of getting all your files are increased.
  • Compatibility: the software you choose to install should run on any version of iPhone you are using from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 7. The PC version should also be up to date so that you can access iTunes on your PC or Mac.
  • Usability: A good data recovery application should be easy to use.
  • Support: The software you choose should have live support, email or phone support to answer your questions when a problem is encountered.

Top 6 iPhone Data Recovery Software Which You Can Download

Stellar Phoenix

The application stands out because of its high performance and usability. It gives the user three data recovery modes. These are Recover iOS Device, Recover iTunes Backup and Recover iCloud Backup. The application can scan your iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud within a short time. All recoverable files are displayed, and you can choose the ones to restore. The application provides 24/7 customer support to give their clients and easy time in recovering their iPhone’s data.


The application is super powerful. PhoneRescue app can recover up to 22 different types of files on your iPhone. It can also recover third party data from apps like WhatsApp on your iPhone. The application gives you three options on where the data can be recovered from. Recover from Device, Recover from iTunes or recover from iCloud. If you use many applications on your phone, it’s the correct choice since it can recover all contacts, chats, and application passwords on your device.

WonderShare Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone was the first iPhone data recovery software. Initially, there were different versions for use with various types of iOS systems that were in use. The application has since integrated a comprehensive software with standard recovery tools and options. All iPhone users can download the application and have an easy time using it on their devices. The software is compatible with all iOS and iPhone devices.

Aiseesoft FoneLab

Fonelab data rescovery software for iphone is a high-performance application. It can recover up to 19 different types of files created on iOS devices. The unique feature of this software is that it provides a preview option on deleted pictures after the scan. The recovery process is simple and quickly. It is compatible with Windows PC and Apple Mac as well.

Leawo iOS

Leawo recovers 12 types of data from iTunes or iCloud. It has four recovery options during the recovery. These are; Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover under DFU, Extract from iCloud Backup and Recover from Device. The support team is available on Skype, email, and phone support for normal business hours. When you encounter ant problem, feel free to contact them.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

The software enables you to scan and recover lost data. Apart from recovering, it has the synchronizing tool which ensures the retrieved data is restored back to your phone within a short time. The function saves you a lot of time especially when you have recovered many files, and you need all files in your phone. The software is capable of recovering 20 different types of data to your device.

How to Burn a CD on a Mac

Today CD have a retro feel to them. There are still many things that a CD can be used for and times when a person may have to burn them using a Mac computer. CD can be used to backup files or to store audio. No special burning software is needed on the Mac. This feature is built into the macOS. All a person has to do is find the music or the files that they want to burn and they are ready to go. CDs can be used to backup information to keep it safe. A person can still listen to music on CDs in their car or on another CD player.

Burning Music Files

To burn an audio CD on a Mac you need to make a playlist in the iTunes programs of song to be transferred to the disk. Rick click on the screen and click the Burn Playlist to Disc option. It will take a couple of minutes for the songs to be transferred to the CD. There is nothing extra that has to be done.

Burning Data Files

Burning a CD with data on it is easy as well. All a person has to do is make a folder with the files they want to put on the disc. Once they have all of this information in the folder they will right click on the folder and select Burn Folder to Disc. Within a couple of minutes this information will be saved on the disc.

Equipment Needed

In order to burn information from the Mac into a CD a person is going to need to make sure that the computer has an optical drive that is able to burn discs. The newer Mac computers do not come with these drives. A person is going to have to purchase this external unit and it will need to be connected to the Mac before anything can be burnt.

Best Burners

Raxio Toast – This is one of the best CD burners that was designed for Mac. This program will be able to burn just about any data source from the Mac to a CD. It will be able to copy audio from microphones and the quality will be clear. This burner has the ability to edit programs as well. A person can enhance the material before they burn it and they can also optimize the audio so it can be played on an iPhone or an iPAd. There are many functions that can be performed on this burner. The Raxio Toast has software that is free to install on the Mac. A person can download the software from the NCH website and they can update it as needed. The free version of this program is enough to meet the needs of most users.

Using a Mac to burn data or music onto a CD is simple and easy. There is no additional software that needs to be purchased to run the CD burner. If a person does not have a CD burner already installed on the computer they are going to have to add one. The basic capabilities are already found on the Mac operating system. A person does not have to pay extra money for a CD burning program. The one that comes standard on the Mac computer works very well.