Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763 Impact Wrench: Which One Should I Get?

An impact wrench is vital for various tightening and loosening applications. Just make sure you have the right impact wrench.

Milwaukee is among the top companies that make highly-rated impact wrenches. For this reason, you can expect people to try to see which one is better from the same brand.

That is the case in this review as we look at Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763 impact wrench. At the end of the review, you would know which to get and for what purpose. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Milwaukee 2767 Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee is a top brand, so the 2767 impact wrench has so much to live up to the brand’s reputation. Well, it does not disappoint, as you will see more about it in the review below.


One of the biggest benefits of such an impact wrench is its torque. For this one, it features an impressive torque of 1000 ft-lbs. This is what you can use as the fastening torque.

In addition to this, there are also 1400 ft-lbs. nut-busting torque. With this kind of torque, you never have to worry about not working on a project.

The best part about this kind of impact wrench is that it can be done faster. It will be two times than what you get with competitor models in the market. So, you should be more productive all day long.

Drive Modes

You also get to enjoy up to 4 drive modes with the impact wrench. This means you can tailor the impact wrench speed to your needs. So, depending on the type of fastener, you can always get the job done the right way.

The impact wrench has a top speed of 1750RPM. According to this post, for most people, this speed should be enough to handle more applications.

There is also a bolt removal mode. This kind of mode will help in removing the fastener better. Also, the RPM would be reduced to 750RPM, ensuring that you have better control over the tool as you take off the fastener.


The design involves many things. One of them is how the tool feels in the hand. Well, this one comes with a premium rubber overmold on the handle. This generally makes the handle good in terms of comfort and grip.

Let us say you are using the power tool for long hours; it will not start to slip. So, you can fasten the different applications without worrying it might slip from your hand.

Also, the handle can last longer even if it is exposed to corrosive materials. You are likely to be using it for many years to come.

Still, as part of the design, the tool comes with a quick tool-free socket change mechanism. The mechanism also has a ½-inch friction anvil. Most people should find the impact wrench generally easy to use compared to the other models in its class.

It weighs 5.91 pounds, which should be lightweight for most people who want to carry it more often to different job sites.

Protection and Safety

The 2767 impact wrench has the Redlink Plus intelligence system. This system is vital for preventing damage to the tool due to overloading and overheating. So, the tool can last longer without you necessarily worrying it might break down due to overloading.

LED Lights

Having LED lights is important to ensure that the impact wrench can still be used in dark spaces.

Do not worry so much about its battery life since its batteries can also be recharged fast and help you get back to work as fast as possible.


  • It has a rubber overmold to provide more comfort in the hand
  • Most people find it comfortable
  • It is easy to carry around
  • It is cordless
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to change the bits


  • It is expensive for a bare tool
  • It could use better warranty terms

2. Milwaukee 2763 Impact Wrench

The Milwaukee 2763 is a close rival to the 2767 model. If you would like to know what makes them different, check out the 2763 model review below.

Torque Output

For most people, the torque output is vital as it determines what kind of application they can use their impact wrench for.

In this case, the model has a torque of 700ft-lbs. The is the maximum fastening torque. This torque can go as high as 1,100 ft-lbs. for the nut-busting category. It is easy to see how such a toque makes the product good for most people.


Another thing you will like about this model should be its Powerstate brushless motor. The brushless motors, unlike the brushed motors, would not need a lot of maintenance. Some are even sealed for life, but we know that some maintenance might be necessary altogether.

The brushed motor also means that the model can outpower competitors while at the same time run cooler. Since there are not as many wearable components, expect it to last longer too.

Redlink Plus Intelligence

The model still has a variable speed trigger. This ensures that you can always tailor it to the application at hand.

There are two main fastening modes with this model. They are all controlled by the Drive Control system patented to Milwaukee.

In mode 1, the model delivers up to 100 ft-lbs. maximum fastening torque. As for mode 2, the maximum fastening torque is 700 ft-lbs.


As much as the battery pack is not included, the one that you will get from Milwaukee will serve you well over the years.

The batteries also last longer than competitors. You should now be able to handle more projects on a single charge compared to when you would be using another type of impact wrench.

Just make sure you are buying the genuine Milwaukee batteries to ensure the impact wrench can also perform reliably.


Looking at the design, you will notice it has the same design as what you get other Milwaukee impact wrenches. This type of design is all about compactness and makes the unit feel comfortable in the hand. Having an overmolded handle should make that possible.

Other than the handle, users can also enjoy quick socket changes. You can always use the right bit, depending on the application.

You will still like it for being lightweight since it weighs 6.64 lbs. only. This should be good enough to use for many other applications.

Speed and IPM

Keep in mind that this model has a variable speed trigger. This type of trigger allows you to adjust the speed up to 700 RPM. As for the impacts per minute or IPM, the no-load speed is 2300 IPM. This IPM value makes it good for even the demanding jobs.


  • Superior performance
  • Multiple drive modes
  • Great battery runtime
  • Easy to change the bits
  • Comfortable in the hand


  • Some find it pricey for the features


Both models feature comfortable handles. The handles have rubber overmolds that make them fit in the hand better and also keep the slipping to a minimum.

The models both have long-lasting batteries. These types of batteries are ideal for those who might be on the market for a longer runtime. As such, you would be able to handle even the longer projects without recharging all the time.

Having a friction ring design makes both models good at their job. You will find that you can easily swap the different bits from the impact wrench and tailor it to your needs.

They are both cordless too. This means you can always find portability being easy generally. Just make sure you have a fully charged battery pack before leaving the house.

Even though the 2767 model is lighter on paper, they are both lightweight. You can always take them with you to different places to handle various projects.


One of the biggest differences between the two models is that the 2767 model has more torque. This includes the fastening torque and the nut-busting torque.

The 2767 model also comes with four drive modes you can consider. You only get two in the 2763 unit. So, if you want more versatility, the 2767 model can be a steal.

The speed of the 2767 model is 1750 RPM as the maximum option you can get. The 2763 model offers a maximum speed of 700 RPM.

Impact Wrench Buying Guide


For an impact wrench, the torque value is probably the most important feature for the users. The torque would be stated in terms of ft-lbs.

Having more torque is something most people would want. It helps them to handle more demanding jobs.

Keep in mind that you will come across the fastening torque and the nut-busting torque. The names give it all away. You have to get yourself a model with enough torque to make it versatile for different applications.

Depending on the model you buy, some might have the option of adjusting the torque. So, in case it is a delicate job, dial your torque down a bit to make sure the wrench can do its job right.


The speed is also vital when using an impact wrench. It allows you to handle the job faster. You will mostly get modern impact wrenches that have a variable speed trigger. This is vital to ensure you can have an easy time working on a project better and faster.

You also have to consider the impacts per minute or IPM. This one is different from the speed, which is measured in RPM.


You still have to look at the design. Is the model comfortable to hold? This is probably the most asked question when someone looks for a new impact wrench.

The comfort largely depends on the handle design and material. Most manufacturers would try to make it feel comfortable by making the handle to have an overmolded rubber to keep it comfortable in the hand.

Also, the handle could have contours that make it fit in the hand better.

The design also puts to test how easy it is to use the impact wrench. What is important is that you get yourself a model that can make your life easier. In most cases, changing of bits would be easier depending on the mechanism used to set up the impact wrench.


You should not forget about the weight. It is not a doubt many people would hope for a lightweight and compact impact wrench. This is because they would enjoy carrying it around. The best part is that most cordless impact wrenches would be lightweight.

Corded or Cordless

The chances are you may come across these two as options when looking for the best impact wrench. The models reviewed in this guide are both cordless. This means portability is not an issue. However, the corded models tend to have more torque, and you would not worry about the battery running out on you.

As much as the battery runtime can be a problem for some cordless models, the versatility and portability make them easily a top choice.

So, each model that you consider might have pros and cons. It is why you have to buy the best impact wrench based on your needs for one.

Final Thought: Which is Better?

Looking at the two models above, it is clear that one is more powerful than the other. The 2767 model stands out as more powerful and features more drive modes. In case you were looking for more versatility, now you know which to get. It will also be a great choice for those who want to handle demanding jobs.

This does not mean you dismiss the 2763 model. It is still a top option for those who might be on a budget and still want to get a good Milwaukee product. It would be able to help you power through different projects without necessarily requiring you to recharge the battery.

Whichever you decide to pick, consider your needs always. It is from your needs you would find the correct impact wrench between the two mentioned above.

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