No More Boring Box Cake Mix

Want to jazz up your boxed cake mix? Let us all admit we love our sweets, especially cake! Not all of us have the time or patience to make it from scratch, so we rely on box cake mix. It usually satisfies our craving but never our spirits. Well, I found simple swaps you can do to hook up your mix for a yummier taste. Some things are very inexpensive to free that you can find at home already or at your local supermarket.

For Chocolate Cake Mix

Wake The Flavor Up: Use the water amount the recipe calls for but, instead use Hot Water! To really get that CHOCOLATE taste we all love, the hot water allows it to reach its full potential in flavor. It closely related to coffee being in the bean family. Both require hot water to brew and develop exquisite flavors It has been resting in the container for a long time, its time to wake the flavor up.

Extra Yolk Please: Looking for that extra moisture, use extra yolk. The extra fat adds density and moisture giving it that bakery taste. It also gives it a fluffy texture soft to the taste buds. On top of that, the moisture is well there.

For White Cake:

Milk Not Water: Most box mix call for water for convenience, but want go extra mile use some milk instead. It will add density, fat, and extra flavor. The perfect menajahtwa. The fat holds onto the flavor very well really exciting that sweet tooth of yours. You taste every ingredient with every chew.

Egg Whites Only: Fluffy and whiter cakes are achieved by using egg whites only. It will feel like you are biting into a sugar cloud. Replace the missing fat from the yolk with about two tablespoons of butter to balance everything out and to have an excuse to add more to that buttery taste. It so light you can cut a slice and toss in the air and watch it float down.

Hint Of Vanilla: Vanilla extract will 360 your whole cake experience! Half teaspoons should do just fine bringing back to life the flavor loss from it sitting there. Adding fresh vanilla bean extract will transform your life if looking to splurge. It an easy way to spice up your cake.

For All Cakes:

Butter Goodness: Who doesn’t love butter? Replace the oil with butter to give it that delicious taste. It really easy, just a pop in the microwave and into the mix to give it that depth of flavor most box cakes are missing. They tell you to use oil because it supposed to be easier but both pretty simple to me. You let me know.

Sugar Dust: Bam! A nice sprinkle of sugar on top not only adds a sugary crunch but the weight will help keep the cake from rising too much. That sometimes can be a problem and messy. Also, the texture changing really adds some depth to the cake making think you are not even eating cake.

Layering Is Awesome: Making layers of your cakes make them look more bakery style and plus it just looks awesome. Can use it for so many occasions such as birthdays, weddings, going away parties and so much more. You will definitely need to have a lot of frosting handy. Make sure to put enough between layers to really hold in place to avoid a chance of it slipping. Covering the cake with frosting adds extra moisture to the cake with flavor as a perk. Layering can make any box cake look top notch.

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